Starts June 2017! This summer project has 3 goals:

  • Introduce you and 2 friends to the practise. Five euros, one hour and a bit of our time. Just a wee taste that might evolve into something bigger. An intimate and relaxed experience, no acrobatics or levitating here!
  • Help the fantastic project called the “school of MS”, based here in Lyon, to organise their next spring 2018 edition. The money you’re paying to go to a BYOBYOGA class will go to L’Ecole de la SEP. Their own mission is to educate patients and helpers in regards to the condition while creating meaningful social links.
  • Create relevant content and diffuse it here on the blog, 12 inspiring figures/projects that helps my world go round, and hopefully yours too.

Any questions? Send us your thoughts at byobyogalyon@gmail.com