Shitsville. Population: you, me, everybody!

No, this is not a post about diarrhea, but that’s next on the byobyoga agenda! JK you guys. The only diarrhea you’ll find on here is of the verbal kind. Shitsville, shittown, up shit’s creek, your pick!

You know the way when things go super well and you think to yourself “yeah baby, you got this!” And then, brutally, it feels like it’s all falling apart, despite your best efforts. 

Shit happens. And it happens to all of us. Suffering or dukkah as Ol’Buddah himself called it, is universal. When I was first introduced to this concept, the “first noble truth”, it didn’t bring a whole lot of comfort I must say. No hint of schadenfreude in me then, aye? Well, it’s a bit more complicated than that.

You see, for me, there was no consolation in thinking others were equally in pain or in worse pain than me. But I’m no buddhist (yet – who the feck knows at this point?) and I learned since that “suffering” is not even the correct translation. We Westerners tend to look at this like a metaphysical statement, an absolute. The words “noble truth” make us raise our eyes to the sky, and not in a spiritual way. That’s okay. What I understood eventually was that dukkah is a universal bound, and there’s beauty in that. When we think we truly are in the same boat after all, there’s beauty in that.

But hey! Back to me. My Shitsville du jour is: the vile thing called Multiple Sclerosis has decided to carry on its progression through my body, my temple. Namely, my legs, which is super cool considering I just started teaching yoga at home, while hitting all sorts of talks, networking and working on my professional reorientation in content marketing. Purrr-fect. So I’ve been pissed and I’ve been sad and then I had to come to terms with it. It was all a bit too ambitious, for now. My body’s talking and I have to listen. Self-care y’all. Can’t be preaching and not applying all this to my fine self, amirite?

So, with this in mind, I’m taking a break to reassess my treatment with the wonderful Neurological Hospital staff here in Lyon. I’ve no choice but to cancel all classes for now and rest. And breathe.

Thank you all for your participation, encouragements and all your kind words. I’ve done 30 classes and the money collected is going to help. We’ve helped. We’re all suffering but we’re all great. Dukkah is universal and so is Love.

#everybodysaylove #thankyou #micdrop


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