Fig. 5

Research Shows Laughing is Actually the First Medicine.

Over the past couple of weeks I – must admit it might have been less – binged on Master of None, the excellent show by Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang. I lol’d many times but noted one quip that’s bang on the money for us. ‘Member I was telling you about the vision of yoga and meditation in pop culture in fig.1? Well our Dev, Ansari’s character, goes: “ I mean I don’t know. Isn’t that what yoga is, sitting in weird ways?” Yas.

But about that, finding a show that speaks to you and give you the funnies. That’s #lol #yaaass! Which brings me to (hello segue!) Parks and Recs. One of my first companion in the “acceptance of the diagnostic” phase. That’s also where I first came across Aziz! And a bucketload of other great actors and all round good humans. Like this dreamcanoe. Or the lovely, filter-free, Jenny Slate, a.k.a. Marcel the Shell With Shoes On.



She wrote and directed Obvious Child and played in tons of other things. I am v. fond of her. Vulture published an interview over a month ago and something she said stuck with me:

“The way I feel now is I’ve stepped out of the woods and I’m a forest animal and I’m standing on the lawn,” […] And if anybody tried to approach me right now, they’re seeing a creature that’s just trying to figure out what the lawn is like. All I’m thinking about is the lawn. I’m not thinking about whether or not they are going to be a fun person to be on the lawn with, because I am just trying to be on the lawn. […] It’s just where I am, I like the lawn. It’s filled with air, freedom, sunlight, and I’m alone.”

Words that I couldn’t articulate until I read hers. We might be in a similar phase, let’s just call it the lawn phase. Also, I did not know she dated Captain America! Fascinating read all around.

And speaking of which, (helloooo segue!) the very first book I laid my hands on after leaving the hospital was “Yes Please”, by Amy Poehler, imaginary fairy godmother to us all. Actress, writer, director and founder of Smart Girls At The Party. Our fig.5 this week! Clickety click click.

Amy is truly an incredible human. She’s hilarious and empathic and inspiring and a mothereffing genius. In “Yes Please”, she’s genuinely upfront and adopts a complete no-BS attitude on a variety of subjects. First, and that’s rare, how she struggled to get the book together; she invites friends and collaborators to testify and give her a break for a chapter or two. She also talks about her hilarious childhood, her passion for improv, how she and her friends got Upright Citizen Brigade from obscure groupuscule to full-on theatre company, her years on SNL and her love for women, being a woman and sorority. Told you. She’s fantastic.

Go check our book club for the latest additions and a little bit of light(er) literature before we dig deep next week!
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