Fig. 12

Extra, extra! Read all about it! New York Times Picks Up Dear Sugar Radio Over The Summer!   How did I do in the role of 19th century zealous paperboy? Oh the things I do to amuse myself. All jokes aside, I’m gonna put down my flatcap and get down to some serious business. Cuz […]

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Fig. 11

Alison Bechdel is many things. Contemporary American Cartoonist, in a nutshell. Recipient of the Mac Arthur Genius Award. To me – only nut in this shell wha – she is many things. How much do I love Ali? (may I call you Ali?) Let me count dem ways for you and me. Firstly, is it ok to […]

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Fig. 10

A grand wee theatre company called Augustine Turpaux – for those who know me IRL, surely this rings a bell. Considering I’ve been bangin’on about this for about a year since our faithful encounter last summer! (come thhrrrough team Empurany 2016) Anne-Sophie et Louis, whom I have the pleasure to introduce today as my gorgeous […]

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No fig.10 this week folks! My computer has had it with the heat. Paul (that’s its name) is currently in the hands of the great apple wizard Frank. I’m heading to recharge my own overheated battery in the Alps for the weekend. Fiona and I are having a meeting of the bodies and the minds […]

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“To be an artist is to rearrange your childhood dreams” says Gaël Faye. Rapper, writer and memory excavator. The flavour du jour for all the french literature teachers, who were there en masse, students in tow. “When the past comes back, childhood and stories” is the title (a little less dire than last week’s) of […]

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So, AIR. Not the band! They’re good but not that good. (#theshadeofitall). We’re talking about Les Assises Internationales du Roman, a once-a-year event to celebrate words and writing, here in Les Subsistances. Free or cheapo lectures galore! I will take the liberty of translating it as “the Bedrock of the Novel”. A tad less scary […]

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Fig. 7

This one is dedicated to my froggies! Not only are we talking about a french figure today, it’s also the first post (so far) written first in french and then translated. Sure we’ll see how I get on. Okay, here comes nothing! Boris Cyrulnik is a neuroscientist, psychologist and ethologist. Above it all he is […]

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“When I talk about chronic illness, I mean everything, virtually everything.” Dr Gabor Maté, legend. Born in Budapest in 1944, a survivor of the Holocaust, he emigrated to Canada in 1956. He practised as a GP in Vancouver for over 20 years while working at the Palliative Unit and later on joined The Portland Hotel, […]

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